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Secure Managed Cloud

The level of security you require for your Cloud solutions depends on the sensitivity of the data you store. The security requirements of a commercial SME vary greatly from that of a Government or Public Sector organisation. Our Secure Managed Cloud solutions provide you with the appropriate level of security to protect your OFFICIAL or OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE data in the Cloud.

secure managed cloud

OFFICIAL information

This can be thought of as the baseline level of security required to meet the requirements of about two thirds of public sector customers and is based on the use of ISO 27001 certification. Examples of OFFICIAL information include:

  • Day to day business of the public sector including information about public services and finances
  • Routine international relations and diplomatic activities
  • Public safety, criminal justice and law enforcement
  • Routine defence and security business
  • Commercial information, including contractual information and intellectual property
  • Personal information that is required to be protected under Data Protection legislation
secure managed cloud


Some OFFICIAL information is of a particularly sensitive nature, this is information where loss or disclosure would have damaging consequences for your organisation, Government or cause significant distress for an individual or group of people. Examples of OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE information include:

  • The most sensitive corporate information, such as organisational restructuring, negotiations andmajor securityorbusiness
    continuity issues
  • Very sensitive personal information, such as information about vulnerable or at-risk people
  • Policy development and advice to ministers on contentious and very sensitive issues
  • Commercially or market sensitive information
  • Information about investigations and civil or criminal proceedings that could disrupt law enforcement or prejudice court case
  • Sensitive diplomatic business or international negotiations.

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