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IT Solutions for Not for Profit Organisations

One of our core values is understanding and this shines through in the IT services and support we provide for the charity sector and not for profit organisations. Our experience working with customers in this sector means we understand the challenges faced and the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions available.

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Challenges for the Not for Profit sector

  • Limited budget: We know that often budget is the main obstacle for charities when outsourcing work but we don’t think this should make you suffer. We offer all our charity customers a significant discount on support rates
  • Lack of technical knowledge: With many charities ‘IT manager’, is actually a jack of all trades and that is not their official role so technical knowledge may be limited. With all our clients we always speak in plain English, not bogging you down with technical jargon. We’ll make you understand how the services we’re offering will deliver the solutions you require.

IT Solutions for Not for Profit Organisations

IT Support for Small Charities

Our support service is offered on a credit system where you simply buy a number of support credits that translate into hours. This means you’re not tied in to a support contract and can assess how much support you need and adjust your credit accordingly. This is especially helpful in cases where you don’t know how much support you will need.

IT Support for Large Charities

The requirement for IT support for large charities is more like that of a commercial business. However, budgets can still be a barrier. That’s why we offer significant discounts on support contracts for Charities.

Cloud Solutions for Charities

We have been partners with leading Cloud providers for a number of years meaning we can leverage large discounts for the charity industry.

IT Security for Charities

Many charities handle sensitive personal data such as payment information from their supporters. This means it’s crucial that IT security is tight to prevent data breaches. Bristol IT is partnered with one of the top leading security providers, which allows us to offer the best protection from Networks to End Users machines.

Case studies from the not for profit sector

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How Assured Digital Technologies have supported Charities

Aside from delivering our solutions to charities we also support local organisations where we can. Check out our blog posts on recent charities we’ve supported:

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