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Leased Lines Summer Promo

Please note this offer has now expired.

Fast internet connections for less!

Until the end of September 2019 we are offering 2 fantastic price promotions on our leased lines solutions:

Summer Promo #1

Save up to 10% on our CityFibre 100/100Mbps leased lines.

Summer Promo #2

200Mbps connection for the price of 100Mbps.

Committed information rate of 200Mbps – both up and down – which can ‘burst’ up to 1Gbps.

6 key benefits of Ethernet Flex 1Gbps:

  • No need to request bandwidth changes through a portal
  • No additional charges incurred for using extra bandwidth
  • Available across the UK on CityFibre’s state of the art full fibre infrastructure
  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA), rapid return to service guarantee and 24/7 UK support from our technical team

Key Benefits of Leased Lines

  • Collaboration – synchronous upload and download speeds means data can be sent and the same speed it’s received
  • Dedicated and uncontended – the line isn’t shared with anyone outside your business so speeds aren’t affected by peak times
  • Reliability – robust SLA and “return to service” guarantee
  • Speed – connection speeds of 24Mbps is classed as “superfast” the above promotions are for 100Mbps minimum

Find out more on our leased lines webpage.

What’s more both these promotions can be used in conjunction with the Government Gigabit Voucher scheme, with up to £2,500 off the total cost of ownership. Contact us today to see how much you could save!

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