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A broadband connection is now as important to an office as your chair. As a trusted provider, we offer end-to-end solutions with seamless connection and ongoing support. Offering potential speed and performance improvements, alongside cost-effective packages, we provide a fully managed set-up process to enable clients to focus on running their business.

What is the best broadband solution for your business?

  • Fibre

    There are a range of fibre solutions available, including Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) which you’ll have probably heard of. FTTC means that the connection from the cabinet to the exchange uses fibre which is faster than using a copper telephone line. Download and Upload speeds up to 80Mbps and 10Mbps. Internet service providers offer solutions with various speed options dependent on your requirements and budget. However, these fibre solutions don’t have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) making them potentially unreliable and unsuitable for businesses who need to be ‘always on’.

    Our Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connections include a UK specialist support team, choice of SLA, pro-actively monitored network and can be easily upgraded if needed.

    Key takeaways: Fast, asynchronous speeds

  • Leased Lines

    If you want a fast, reliable, uncontended, and synchronous (equal upload and download speeds) internet connection for your business then a leased line is the most suitable. A Leased Line solution can offer speeds up to a whopping 10Gbit (that’s 10,000Mbps!). What’s more, if you opt for a backup line the uptime guaranteed by your provider can be more than 99.9%.

    We offer easy transfer, so you can switch to us with little or no disruption. SLAs come with a 6-hour repair commitment based on a 24-month contract.

    key takeaways: fast, reliable, uncontended

  • GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network)

    There is also another solution similar to leased lines which is more affordable for SMEs. GPON uses the same technology as leased lines but the total bandwidth (speed) available may be shared with other companies in the area. Speeds of up to 1Gbps are still available but at a lower price. NOTE: You have to be close to the main GPON network to be able to get this type of connection though.

    Key takeaways: Fast, reliable, affordable

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