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Increasing business productivity with a Leased Line for Bristol Old Vic

Bristol IT Company merged with MDS Technologies to become Assured Digital Technologies in April 2020.


Built in 1766, Bristol Old Vic is the oldest continuously working theatre in the English speaking world. Their front of house has recently undergone a multi-million pound redevelopment and includes a new Studio Theatre, relaxing and fully-accessible front of house space with a bar and kitchen.


As an ever growing entertainment establishment, Bristol Old Vic were finding that their broadband solution was not providing them with the bandwidth they needed to cater for both their staff and customers. Bristol Old Vic required an IT solutions provider that could offer the best available speeds at affordable costs, with an understanding of their specific needs for transmitting data, voice & video. Challenges included the need to design an internal distribution network using fibre optics cabling to enable forthcoming refurbishment and building works to be completed, without loss of Internet connectivity to any part of the organisation.


Bristol IT Company were able to offer Bristol Old Vic a dedicated 100Mb Leased Line from a trusted carrier, while managing to considerably reduce the installation cost by taking advantage of the Government’s Connection Voucher Scheme at the time, in 2015. An internal fibre optics delivery network was designed to enable access to the Internet from various floors, working with the construction plans and paying attention to proposed layout and building alterations during the refurbishment project.


The connectivity was delivered on time and maintained throughout the process of refurbishment, thus helping to future proof the business whilst providing them with the much needed speeds to meet their needs and keep the business functioning. The line was recently upgraded by taking advantage of the Government Gigabit Voucher Scheme, to upgrade the previously installed 100Mb line to a 1Gb connection, thus offering Bristol Old Vic a high speed Leased Line at affordable price. Internal rewiring was not needed due to the existence of fibre optics cabling installed previously.

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