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How moving to the cloud accelerates digital transformation

The term digital transformation has become widely used over the past five years. While it is often referring to the adoption and integration of digital technologies to transform the way a business functions, digital transformation requires businesses to improve existing processes to deliver a more enjoyable experience for employees and customers. One of the key technologies that can enable digital transformation is moving to the cloud, as this can accelerate digital transformation through increased flexibility, reliability, automated processes, increase productivity, and stronger security.

Flexibility and Scalability

One of the key goals of digital transformation is business growth through improved processes. This means that businesses must be equipped with technology that can scale as a business grows and has enough flexibility to enable these changes in the process.

On-premises technology has a significant upfront cost involved in hardware and setup, and as a business grows, they are forced to upgrade the technology. This lack of flexibility slows the process of digital transformation and can decrease a business’s profitability.

In comparison, with workloads being hosted in the cloud, businesses can quickly and easily increase resources to a workload to suit the current needs of the business. Being able to respond to these changes in demand creates an agile workplace and accelerates digital transformation to improve efficiency,

Speed and Reliability from Anywhere

The past 18 months have made it clear that for a business to succeed its employees must have reliable access to IT systems, no matter where they are located.

With services being delivered through the cloud, as long as employees have internet access, they are able to access all necessary files, applications, and systems. Furthermore, cloud applications run faster, making work more efficient, and services hosted on Microsoft Azure are extremely reliable with a 99.9% uptime.

Automated Processes

Using cloud technologies, it is possible to automate many business processes. These changes in process are a key component of digital transformation and can save significant time, allowing employees to focus their time on growing the business.

Some processes that can be automated with cloud technology include virtual machine management, customer relationship management, database management, and security protocol management.

Increased Productivity

Moving to the cloud can significantly increase employee productivity and accelerate digital transformation. A major factor to this increase in productivity is effective collaboration.

As many businesses operate globally or with teams located in different locations, collaboration is extremely important. With cloud and cloud-based applications and services, there is better connectivity and collaboration amongst workforces.

Cloud technology also enables employees to have easy access to information and data from anywhere, at any time. The increased collaboration and productivity can help grow a business faster, and lead to innovations in processes that aid in digital transformation.

Stronger Security

A rapid digital transformation strategy can result in a weak security posture, as the introduction of new technologies carries an inherent security risk. Thankfully, the use of cloud technology has a lower risk than on-premises technology.

Most cloud technologies use end-to-end encryption, ensuring that data can not be intercepted. Similarly, there are many cloud technologies dedicated to improving security. For example, within a Microsoft 365 or Azure subscription, there are many features that can be enabled to improve security and reduce the risk of a cyberattack.

For businesses looking to improve their processes long-term and take the next step towards digital transformation, moving to the cloud can accelerate the journey.

Introducing cloud technologies can fundamentally change the way a business functions and be the key to sustainable growth. If you want to find out more about how your business can leverage the cloud, contact us today.

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