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Don’t wait for the next disaster to embark on digital transformation

Whilst COVID-19 has unquestionably put a strain on all businesses, it’s also forced business owners to rethink how they work. Traditional businesses who had never considered allowing remote working were forced to do so and possibly only then realised their IT couldn’t facilitate this. Adopting IT solutions that enable your employees to effectively work from home is one area of what’s called digital transformation.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation (as defined by Citrix) is “the strategic adoption of digital technologies. It’s used to improve processes and productivity, deliver better customer and employee experiences, manage business risk, and control costs.” Organisations can embark on digital transformation of their whole business or break it down into different projects.

Common digital transformation projects

Moving to the Cloud is a common theme with digital transformation as it provides a number of business benefits including increased productivity, scalability and better security to name a few. Examples of Cloud migrations are:

  • Migration to Microsoft 365 – Including moving some, or all of the below areas of IT to the Cloud:
    • Migrating to Microsoft 365 Email
    • Moving to SharePoint for online document collaboration and online
    • Switch to using M365 user authentication and device
  • Migration to Azure – moving away from onsite server infrastructure to the Cloud
  • Migration to Hosted VoIP – moving from an on-premise phone system to one hosted in the Cloud
  • Migration to new cloud-based software (SaaS) – Moving away from old software or even spreadsheets to:
    • Bespoke cloud software application (see British Rowing case study)
    • Established cloud software such as a large CRM or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform

Digital transformation with Bristol IT

As part of everything we do, including digital transformation projects, we offer consultancy to devise your IT strategy and then project manage the whole process from start to finish. But we don’t stop there. Digital transformation is an ongoing activity, we will work alongside you as your dedicated IT consultant to continually review, improve and transform your business with the latest technologies.

Discover how we delivered digital transformation for Bristol Music trust.


Buying car insurance after an accident has occurred or installing a burglar alarm after a break-in is futile. The same goes for your business IT. Solutions need to be put in place to prevent issues or solve potential problems not as an afterthought. Don’t wait for the next disaster to embark on digital transformation. Take the first step today and contact us for a no obligation conversation to see how the right solutions can take your business to the next level.

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