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Does every cloud (solution) have a silver lining?

Just as not one office space is the best fit for all businesses the same can be said for cloud solutions. With the internet flooded with information about cloud and suppliers trying to sell their solutions it can be hard to understand what is best for your business. We’ve broken down, simply, 3 types of cloud solutions and who they are best suited for, to help you understand that not every cloud (solution) has a silver lining.

1. Public Cloud

Services such as Office 365, Amazon Web Services, and other online business applications your organisation may use are all hosted in a public cloud. As the name suggests the public cloud provides hosting to anyone who wants the services and are ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions to suit a wide audience. As a result these are easy to set up, scalable and often you only pay for what you use. A public cloud solution is best suited for organisations who only need simple systems such as email and file storage.

2. Private Cloud

Conversely, a private cloud solution is one that only you and anyone authorised by you can access and use.  This means you have complete control over your IT solutions enabling you to meet security and governance compliance. Private cloud is an ideal solution for rapidly changing organisations who may have more complex computing needs.

3. Hybrid Cloud

For many organisations with some level of complexity to their IT needs, a combination of private and public cloud services may be the best solution. For example, if you require email and file storage but also have your own business applications which aren’t web enabled then a hybrid approach is what you need.


For complex business requirements we offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service where we look after your entire IT infrastructure hosted in the cloud. We have experience building complex solutions for businesses with multiple systems and applications.

Still not sure?

For even the savviest of IT people, understanding the best cloud solution for your business can be difficult. When we engage with potential customers we sit down with them and discuss their current business requirements and also where they plan go in the future, to come up with a future-proof solution for your IT needs. Contact us today and let us find your cloud with the silver lining!

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