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Combined Capabilities: Assured Managed Cloud

As a result of our recent merger with MDS Technologies, Bristol IT Company are now able to offer an enhanced portfolio of IT services and solutions. Over the coming months we’ll be showcasing these and invite you to contact us to find out more as we release the details.

Historically, Bristol IT has specialised in IT support, security, connectivity and other managed IT services for the public sector and private SMEs. Now with the creation of Assured Digital Technologies, the combined entity for the two merged companies, Bristol IT clients have access to a significantly greater range of IT services from the same supplier.

For this post, we’re focusing the spotlight on Assured Managed Cloud services.

As more and more businesses make the move to the Cloud it’s important to understand the levels of assured Cloud solutions, to ensure your data confidentiality, integrity and availability is maintained and where required, with the additional assurance that this is maintained within Sovereign territory. The security requirements of a commercial SME vary greatly from that of a Government or Public Sector organisation. Bristol IT are pleased to be able to offer clients elevated levels of security for our Cloud services (in addition to a portfolio of services aimed at private SMEs). Learn more about the different levels below.

The Government Security Classification and Impact Levels

There are 3 levels of security classification depending on the sensitivity of data handled by a Government organisation, these are: OfficialSecret and Top Secret. When dealing with data in these classifications, the environment on which the data resides must meet the appropriate security standards and this has traditionally been referred to as the Impact Level (IL). We are pleased to be able to offer hosting environments for IL2 and IL3.

IL2 – Official

This can be thought of as the baseline level of security required to meet the requirements of about two thirds of public sector customers and is based on the use of ISO 27001 certification.

IL3 – Official Sensitive

This represents a common requirement for Central Government departments and some agencies. IL3 aligns with enhanced security measures to protect sensitive information. The accreditation is based on HMG security standards which are also based on ISO 27001, but with more strict requirements.

Combining the capabilities of MDS Technologies and Bristol IT Company, who are both highly regarded as a trusted and safe pair of hands, Assured Digital Technologies can deliver an all-encompassing and compelling solution that means you only need to work with one trusted supplier for a multitude of IT services. For more information, please contact us.

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