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3 ways businesses can benefit from Azure Virtual Desktop

Regardless of the industry, your business operates in, it is essential that employees are able to access the applications and IT systems required to be productive and work effectively. Remote and hybrid working has presented a challenge for businesses as employees need to be able to securely access these applications and IT systems from any location. There are multiple solutions that can enable this, but few are as comprehensive and flexible as Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

AVD is a virtual desktop interface (VDI) solution that is deployed through Azure and allows users to access Windows 10 and all the necessary applications, from anywhere, on any device.

Reduce Hardware Expenditure

In 2021, businesses spent more of their IT budget on hardware than anything else. With the ongoing global chip shortage, all businesses should be looking for ways to get better value for money with their hardware expenditure and reduce costs. This can be achieved through the use of Azure Virtual Desktop.

With a VDI solution, the computing power is through the Azure Cloud, rather than the physical device. This means that businesses can purchase less powerful, cheaper laptops, whilst still delivering a great desktop experience for employees.

It is even possible to stop purchasing devices all together if businesses implement a BYOD program. With such a program, employees are able to use their personal laptop or desktop device, running a virtual desktop for when they are working.

This is beneficial to employees as there is no learning curve associated with a new device, and they only need a single device for work use and personal use. Although it is possible to implement a BYOD program without a VDI solution, doing so requires a complex IT support system, and it carries a potential security risk.

With AVD, employees can securely access everything necessary for their jobs, from any device with an internet connection.

Improve Security Posture

Implementing an AVD solution can greatly improve a businesses security posture, as it enables effective update and patch management, and timely recovery after an attack.

Many cyberattacks can be avoided through keeping software and operating systems up to date. Although this is simple in theory, many users will delay updates and patches, especially if they require the computer to be restarted.

If these patches fix security flaws within an operating system or application, delaying the update can leave systems vulnerable to an attack. With AVD it is easy to update all virtual machines at the same time to ensure all computers within an organisation are updated and secure.

These updates can be run outside of working hours to ensure that there is no downtime for employees.

Malware attacks have been a constant threat for IT systems for many years now. This is where a piece of malicious software executes unauthorised actions on a victim’s system.

These attacks can be difficult to recover from as it often leaves the victim without access to their system. Using a VDI makes recovery more efficient as if a virtual machine becomes infected with malware it can be turned off and reverted to its golden image.

This can simplify disaster recovery and ensure business continuity, regardless of where employees are working.

Easily Scale in Number and Compute

In most businesses, different employees require different levels of computing power. For example, a designer working on 3D models will need significantly more computing power than an employee that primarily uses Microsoft Word and Outlook. Similarly, employees may only need more computing power for a certain project.

With AVD, it is possible to increase or decrease the level of computing when necessary, and the business only pays for the amount needed.

This is also true in regards to the number of employees that require access to a desktop. In certain industries, there are times of the year where temporary employees are hired, this may be during busy periods, or when a business hires temporary interns.

With AVD it is possible to provision them a virtual desktop for their duration of work, and stop the service when they finish. This greatly reduces the complexity of managing hardware whilst decreasing overall costs.

What’s next?

There are just 3 of the many ways Azure Virtual Desktop could benefit your business. Each year more businesses are implementing VDI solutions to transform the way their employees work, whilst optimising their IT expenditure.

As more businesses implement formal hybrid working policies, AVD ensures that employees can securely and easily access all software and IT systems they need to work, regardless of their location. If you want to find out more about how Azure Virtual Desktop could benefit your business, get in contact with us today.

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