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Enhancing Calendar Manager’s Tenant Management solution with a bespoke software application


Established in 2013, Calendar Manager is an online management system for inventory businesses, their clients and clerks. Initially designed and created to help with their own inventory business, Calendar Manager now offer the system as a professional online inventory booking system that can be tailored for use by other inventory businesses. The features include an online booking system for clients with an integrated invoicing system.


In order to keep ahead of competitors, Calendar Manager were seeking to make changes to their system in order to improve the services that it offers, with the aim of attracting new clients and improving the user experience for their existing clients. In addition to some general improvements to their existing web application, they were looking to introduce a new “Paperless System,” an entirely new service which would streamline the checking-in process between tenants, clients and the inventory businesses, by eliminating the delays and waste associated with the traditional paper-based approach. With the original application having been developed by another company, Calendar Manager approached Bristol IT Company to take over its development and move it forward with new, fresh ideas.


Having plentiful experience with the technologies involved, the developers at Bristol IT Company were able to jump straight in and perform the necessary maintenance and improvements to the existing web application. A new “Paperless Portal” was developed and integrated into the existing system. This portal provides a means for secure web-based communications between tenants, clients and clerks in the inventory business. This enables the tenant to access a web page specific to their property and its inventory report, where they can submit any observations and upload accompanying photographs. These would then get directly added to the one securely stored report. A management section was added to Calendar Manager in order for the clerks and administers to manage the process, together with a system that would send out various automatic emails and alerts as part of the paperless process.


As a result of Bristol IT’s development of their system, Calendar Manager has continued to improve the functionality that their system can offer to its users. The integrated Paperless System provides several benefits to the overall business process: combining all information in one document ready for end of tenancy, no waste of ink or paper, documents stored safely, saves clerks and clients time and effort. It is also a feature that can be used as a selling point when attracting new inventory business clients.

Bristol IT also manage the test system and all the IT requirements for our software including SSL certificates, PCI Compliance, amendments and updates to the software and the sign up website.

After many frustrating years of working with several individual IT developers and IT companies who were unable to develop the system as we required and had excessive pricing, we eventually found Bristol IT who quickly fixed issues that the previous IT company were unable to solve and further developed the calendar manager booking and paperless system. We are delighted with Bristol IT’s service, professionalism and pricing structure. We recommend them whenever we have the opportunity.”

Judith Cochrane, Director

Calendar Manager